We're beginning to think that we should change the "Rock Fail" category to the "Axl Rose Award" after the reviled Guns N' Roses vocalist bit it yet again on the band's current tour. Check out video footage of the hilarious spill here!

First he fell off of the stage in Mexico City, then he fell off of a table and severely bruised his leg in Russia, then he fell on his ass in Liverpool and now Axl Rose has officialy hit for the cycle with his fourth major spill on their current tour.

The international Axl Rose spilling spree recently came through France and not only did his jewelery get stolen (and then returned) but he also biffed it hardcore during their performance at Hellfest in Clisson. Despite the fact that he was singing 'Sweet Child O' Mine,' nothing about this spill was sweet for Axl. For us on the other hand...

Axl Rose Earns Yet Another Rock Fail via Faceplant