Axl Rose is no stranger to causing trouble in Canada, but when somebody else tried to steal his thunder at a gig in Vancouver -- the short-fused Guns N' Roses vocalist put an end to that real quick.

Axl Rose has had an interesting relationship with the people of Canada. He is at least somewhat responsible for causing not one, but two riots on Canadian turf. During a 1992 co-hedadlining tour in Montreal, Axl could've saved the day when Metallica cut their set in half after James Hetfield was badly burned by pyrotechnics. Instead GN'R came out late and left early because of technical difficulties and Axl's sore throat -- a riot ensued. Another riot took place in Vancouver during GN'R's 2002 tour when the band canceled just hours before they were scheduled to play.

Given his previous track record you wouldn't expect Axl to act as the peace-keeper in most situations, but that's exactly what he did at a show in Vancouver last week. Rose unleashed profanities while insisting someone in the crowd who, according to other fans, was causing trouble and starting fights on the main floor be removed. The offender was carted out by security as the band kicked up an impromptu version of 'Happy Trails.' Axl then marveled, "That's the first person I've had thrown out for 100 shows. Like the good old days."

In his new-found role as the pacifier, Axl took a few moments at the end of the show to make good for his former transgressions against the city of Vancouver by saying:

"On behalf of the city, I'd like to thank you for not tearing the place up. I apologize for my part in any past affairs."

Watch Axl Say Goodbye To The Unruly Fan