Staying true to form, Axl Rose immediately stopped Guns N' Roses show in Monterrey Sunday night (10/23) during the first song, after what appears to be a plastic cup was thrown at the stage.

The latest in the Guns N' Roses 'Have an Incident in Every City Tour' has us wondering if we're watching this thing too closely...but it's just so hard not too. First guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal had a wardrobe malfunction that messed up his solo, then Axl -- a) had a nasty exchange with what we assume was an airline employee, b) called Slash a bed-wetter and recalled stealing his women, and c) fell of the stage in Mexico City. This tour is quickly becoming the rock & roll version of 'Jersey Shore'.

The latest spectacle came courtesy, yet again, of Axl Rose after the band launched into their opening song -- the title track from 'Chinese Democracy.' Shortly after the instrumental intro, the pyro kicks in and Axl begins his verse while doing a less animated version of his trademark shimmy. Not even 30-seconds later Axl turns to the band and says "Stop", and the band does so surprisingly fast -- it's almost like they had rehearsed it.

Axl became upset regarding a cup that was thrown in his direction from the audience, the visibly agitated vocalist then threatened to end the party right then and there saying:

"Is that what you wanna do? Cause we will go home. [Calls over man to translate his message to the crowd] Is that what you wanna do – throw s---? Cause we will go home. We would like to have fun. You wanna have a good time?"

Rose then told the band they would skip the song they had halted and move on, they continued with 'Welcome to the Jungle.'

Another case of Axl Rose being...well, Axl Rose. Perhaps he should imagine how the Foo Fighters must've felt getting Mentos chucked at them every night after their 'Big Me' video was released.