Guns N' Roses vocalist a Axl Rose leased a 192k Bentley Flying Spur in 2005, which he then thrashed beyond recognition before returning. That's our Axl!Over the years Axl Rose has had many well documented public outbursts. Whether it's beating up photographers or just trashing hotel rooms, when Axl Rose enters the room -- you never know what you're gonna get. The owners of Bentley Financial Services have learned this the hard way.

According to TMZ the excitable frontman rented a vehicle from them in 2005 with a sticker price of $192,ooo. When Axl returned the Bentley Flying Spur, it had a total of $73,000 worth of damages. The two parties entered in to a bitter dispute which was finally brought to a settlement last week. Axl has agreed to hand over $53,000 to close the matter, which is a 27% discount from the cost of the actual damage.

Guns N' Roses are preparing to kick off their first U.S. tour since the release of 'Chinese Democracy' this fall. First the band will perform at Rock in Rio on October 2nd and their entire performance will be streamed live here.