The relationship between former bandmates Axl Rose and Slash has been less than chummy over the past two decades. Now the outspoken Guns N' Roses vocalist recalls Slash's bladder control issues and how he used to pilfer the guitarist's ladies when he would pass out.

Looks like the chances of a one-off GN'R reunion should they be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year just got even slimmer. Axl and Slash aren't known for their high opinions of one another these days, but Axl takes it too the next level in this fan filmed video where his remarks about Slash get extra personal.

We last saw Axl cursing what was presumably an airline employee he was upset with in a fan-shot video. This latest amateur vid features a much more jovial Rose, talking to fans about the good old days with Slash. Rose says in the video that he would regularly out-drink Slash, who would then pass out leaving his ladies unattended and in need of consolation -- which Rose would graciously provide.

Axl also says that despite the story in Slash's book about an isolated bed-wetting incident, that whenever the top-hatted one was drinking he would soil himself. He also quips about a bottle of Jack Daniels being the cure for boredom. Looks like we found the next candidate for an episode of 'VH1 Storytellers'.