There are just some plain dumb people in the world -- Keyona Davis, 23 -- was babysitting an 8-month-old child when she thought it was a good idea to put the baby, sitting in a stroller, in the back of a moving pick-up truck on August 17th, according to the Smoking Gun. After numerous 911 calls, the vehicle was pulled over and Davis was arrested. Find out more after the jump.

According to the Smoking Gun the infant was in a stroller in the bed of a 1994 Dodge Ram driving around on two of the busiest roadways near Daytona Beach, Florida. Babysitter, Keyona Davis was sitting in the bed of the truck with the infant. After multiple 911 reports, the vehicle was approached by Daytona Beach police.

The truck -- a 1994 Dodge Ram -- was driven by a Mr. B. White, according to the arrest affidavit, was cited for reckless driving. The babysitter -- Keyona Davis, 23 -- was arrested for child neglect and is now locked up in the Volusia County jail with a $5,000 bond.

After Davis' arrest, the police contacted the infant's mother, who arrive on the scene and took custody of her child -- the cop reported: “was in tears as I told her about the incident.”

Davis has a long rap sheet which includes: busts for car theft, cocaine possession, shoplifting, resisting arrest, criminal mischief/property damage and fleeing law enforcement. She was sentenced for 1-1/2 years on the latter two charges where she only spent 6 months of her sentence and was released early last January.

Would you leave your child with someone who had a criminal record? After reading this are you going to start screening your babysitters in more detail? Check out the police cars dashboard cam below!