Anyone whose watched a few Leonardo DiCaprio films will appreciate this meme that points out just how unlucky his characters are. Caution: There are mad spoilers ahead, yo.

Leonardo DiCaprio has made the tough journey from Tiger Beat cover boy to actual, respected actor. Back in the mid 90's, every dude thought he sucked. Now I would defy any one of those haters (a category I, too, was in back then) to watch him in 'Django Unchained' or 'Inception' and tell me homeboy can't act.

Acting chops or not, DiCaprio constantly gets snubbed by award shows (a certain electrifying turn in the aforementioned Tarantino pic comes to mind this award season) and playing characters with the worst luck ever. Add those two factors together and you have yourselves the foundation for a kick ass meme. Ladies and gentlemen, we present you with 'Bad Luck Leo.'

Spoiler Alert -- Do Not Read if You Have Yet to Watch Any Recent DiCaprio Films, especially 'Inception' and 'Shutter Island.'