I am guessing you remember the story of the "balloon boy". 

First reports were a kid named Falcon was inside a man made balloon floating through the sky.  Oh the horror!  Major media was all over that story, CNN, Fox News,Banana 101.5, everyone.  As it turned out, the whole thing was a hoax cooked up by the father of the child, Richard Henne.  What a douche.

Now the non-flying tot may be starting a band.

Richard Henne (father douche),  I am sure is the brainchild of this stupid band idea.  This clown wants to be famous so bad.  The  family was also featured on an episode of Wife Swap.  I think we all agree only crazy peeps are on that show.  JUST KIDDING LABRIE FAMILY!

Falcon, 7,  is said to be practicing with his two brothers Bradford and Ryo at his family's home in Florida.  Rumor has it Richard Henne and his wife may be a part of the band too.  A modern day Partridge Family.   That has suck written all over it.

This family is going to punish us with another boy band in their quest for fame.  Due to legal reasons the band cannot be called "The Balloon Boy Band".  I know what you could call it - OFF.  Call it off!