Banana 101.5 is looking for local bands for a new feature that will include radio airplay and online exposure for your band. Click here for more details on what we need and how you can get your band's music on the air!

When you're in a local band, it can be tough to get your name out there and expose people to your tunes. The Banana is launching a new feature in the next couple of weeks that could get you and your band both of those things. If you know of a local rock band that has material recorded (or are in one), here is what we need from you:

  1. A radio-edited CD copy or mp3 of the song you would like to submit for airplay (we're not going to listen to a whole album and pick one for you)
  2. A brief write up on your band -- enough for a paragraph (no novels please)
  3. A picture of either the band, your logo, or album cover
  4. Contact info (email, phone #, and Facebook/Twitter page)

You can send all of the following via email to, or if you want to go old school you could physically mail your music and info to:

Tree Riddle
G-3338 E Bristol Rd
Burton, MI 48529