The Banana 101.5 Bad Bowlers League is set to kick off on Wednesday.  There is still room for more teams to join us for Season Two.  The team names alone should tell you that this is no ordinary league.  Check out the details and the teams we have signed up so far after the jump.

Here are the teams signed up already:

  • Gutter Masters
  • Four and a Half Men
  • Shotz Gurlz
  • Done "R" Git
  • Team Cock-tails
  • Three Finger Death Punch
  • O Thatteam
  • Connect Four
  • Pinnin Ain't Easy
  • Drinking Team with a Bowling Problem
  • Buncha BowlS******s
  • The Better Half
  • Drunken Munkys
  • Long Live The Machine Shop
  • Milwaukee Beers
  • The GutterSluts
  • Splitz Season
  • Bazooka Joe's Merry Misfits
  • Squinty
  • Little Missouri Pirates
  • Redneck Rollers
  • Minds in the Gutter
  • Foxy StrikeZam
  • Lucky Strikez
  • A Beer A Frame
  • Yuengling Bros
  • McLaren Madness
  • Bamf's
  • Team Ballz
  • Blue Ballz
  • Odd Balls
  • White Russians

We are looking for 4-person teams and it's only $10/person per week.  Get all the details and get your team signed up here.  If you are a single bowler or don't see your team name on the list, send Chris Monroe an email at

For those teams already signed up, good luck and we will see you September 5th at Grand Blanc Lanes!