See our night show guy Sarge get footloose and break out his best moves during an impromptu dude-on-dude dance-off set to "It's Raining Men.' We don't know why this video exists, but we're glad it does.

Banana 101.5's night show host Sarge comes from a Military background and, therefore, knows how to handle just about any situation better than us. Apparently, the best way to handle the rare weather condition of "raining men" is to dance like you've never danced before (and, hopefully, never will again).

Most of us in radio have all done things we're not proud of while on the intern circuit, but the existence of this video proves a valid point for the tech savvy, over-sharing generation of young'uns out there -- never do anything on camera that you're not willing to live with for the rest of your life. Sorry, Sarge.