Some details have come out about the actual production costs of the forthcoming, yet still untitled, 'Batman Vs. Superman' film. It is reported that the mega blockbuster will spend well north of $100 Million in Michigan, making it our state's largest on screen production to date.

We don't know who's playing Lex Luthor (or if he's even included) or what other villains may appear in 'Batman Vs. Superman,' but a new report from the Michigan Film Office says the film will drop a whopping $131 million right here in "The Mitten." This breaks the previous record held by 'Oz the Great and Powerful,' which was filmed in 2011.

Some grumblings have been made about how much Michiganders will reimburse Warner Bros. via tax incentives (about $35 million) but they are dropping a ton of that money in the state. They're also filming a badass movie here and that means I can try to get a role as an extra... so I'm good with it. If I can be on screen with Batman, even if it is Batfleck, I could die a happy man.

$131 million is a lot to spend in just Michigan. I'm pretty sure that doesn't include any CGI costs -- of which there will be a-plenty -- nor does it include actors salaries or any out-of-state filming. Factor all that in and this thing has to be headed north of $400 million. I'm no expert on film financing and what not, so take all of that with a grain of salt.

Reportedly, large portions of the film are to be shot in Detroit, which is a perfect choice for Gotham City or a post-Kryptonian-battle Metropolis... actually, Flint may be a better site for the latter. Supes and Zod *** MAN OF STEEL SPOILER ALERT*** totally thrashed Metropolis, leaving most of the city looking like the Genesee Towers now do.

So far, we know that Ben Affleck is playing the Dark Knight, most of the 'Man of Steel' crew will be back and Gal Godot will make an appearance as Wonder Woman, although recent rumors say her part will (thankfully) be somewhat minor. Oh yeah, Nightwing might be at the party as well. Outside of that, there isn't much to tell yet.