The Bay County Sheriff's Department is calling on the public to help them identify two women involved in a jewelry heist at Stans Gold Mine at 3865 E Wilder Rd.

According to the BC Sheriff's Facebook page, the suspects were able to distract employees, so the jewelry was not noticed missing until after the women left the store. The following is the official police descriptions of the thieves:

  • Suspect #1 5ft tall and approximately 170-180 lbs. She has gold on all teeth except front two teeth on the top row of teeth.
    She was wearing a blue shirt with pink and orange floral print pants.
  • Suspect #2 5'4 tall and approx 200-215lbs. She was wearing a white shirt and black and white maxi skirt.

I am guessing suspect #1 can't be hard to identify since a majority of her teeth are gold. Someone has to know her for sure. If you have any information please contact the Bay County Sheriff's office at 989-895-4050.