G.I. Joes may have gotten you through your childhood, but they were pretty lame action figures. The Beastie Boys have taken a giant leap forward in battling that very same action figure lame-ness, with the release of their very own pose-able plastic likenesses.

Beastie Boys are mostly known for making beats and cool videos, now we can add making action figures to the list. The 11.5 inch figures were made for the Beastie's latest video 'Don't Play No Game I Can't Win', but now you can pick up the three pack for yourself. Not only do you get your very own MCA, Ad-Rock, Mike D. figurines, but you also get a number of accessories for each, and it will only cost you $750. Huh?

Yes, they are expensive. They are also infinitely cooler than letting your kids play with Bakugan. At 11.5 inches they are actually closer to the size of a Barbie doll than a G.I. Joe, so if your daughters Malibu Barbie gets knocked up...you know who the culprits were.

The package, which is available now at the Beastie Boys website, also comes with the their retrospective 'Sounds of Science', and all the proceeds go to the Pablove Foundation and Alex's Lemonade Stand (both childhood cancer charities).

Watch the video that the action figures were created for