Kiss that mid-weekend trip to the beer store goodbye because some magnificent bastard at Austin Beerworks came up with the idea of the 99 pack, which will not only change the way you buy beer, but also what you drive to the store. Seriously, look at the size of that thing!

Once your alcoholism reaches a certain point, a regular case of 24 beers becomes more of a nice kickoff point for the appetizer, if you will. That's why Austin Beerworks have invented the 99 pack (appropriately nicknamed "The Peacemaker") for the real beer drinkers. Never again will you have to bribe the nearest sober person to make a 1:30a run to the beer store for you! Unfortunately, they will only be available in Austin, Texas to start with, but other beer companies are sure to follow suit. Get more details on Austin Beerworks here.