Ben Affleck's Batsuit, as well as the Batmobile, from the forthcoming 'Batman Vs. Superman' film has finally been revealed -- get a look at the future of the Dark Knight here!

Thanks to 'Man of Steel 2' / 'Batman Vs. Superman' / 'Justice League: Origins' / DC Universe: The Movie director Zack Snyder, we finally know what "Batfleck" looks like. After teasing us with a look at the backside of the Batmobile yesterday, Snyder let loose the first official image of Ben Affleck in full Batman attire today.

While the suit is a little on the muscle-y side, it has some seams (a la New 52 Bats) and there are no nipples... thank God! It appears that the main inspiration for the suit was Frank Miller's 'The Dark Knight Returns' as oppose to the previously rumored 'Batman: Noel.' It's a bit tough to tell the actual color of the suit in the pic, but it's most likely gray. It's about damn time we got to see something other than a black Batsuit on film.

The unveiling of the suit most likely means that cameras are rolling on MoS 2 in Detroit and Snyder wisely took the opportunity to introduce us to the new Batman with a hi-res image, instead via a crappy cell phone pic from a random bystander who sees them filming in "The D."

Oh yeah! As it always does, the Batmobile looks badass!