Disturbed's best songs have been a staple of rock radio for over a decade. The Chicago four piece is currently involved in side-projects and, since we won't have any new music from the band for a while, let's take a look back at the 10 best Disturbed songs.

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    'The Night'

    While not much from 2008's 'Indestructible' made it to our list of the 10 best Disturbed songs, we do thoroughly enjoy this one. When Disturbed throws a catchy hook like this one your way, it's tough to get out of your head. We dig the machine gun drum intro too.

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    One of the best Disturbed songs from what is essentially the middle of  their catalog. The third studio album solidified them as a staple at rock radio on the success of kick ass rock tunes like 'Stricken'. The song has a great opening groove combined with singer Dave Draiman mixing in some 'ape sound' vocals, which seems like a throwback to 'Down with the Sickness'. This song is a perfect example of what Disturbed does best.

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    'Shout 2000'

    This Tears for Fears cover from Disturbed's 2000 debut album can be filed in the guilty pleasures category. They took a great song that was, to put it lightly, not the most masculine song and gave it a much needed shot of adrenaline. The much beefier version of the 80's new wave classic was the result.

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    'Land of Confusion'

    Disturbed is one of those bands whose sound is so unmistakeably their own that when they cover a song, it becomes an entirely different animal. That's exactly what happened with this Genesis classic. Sure it's easy to out-rock Phil Collins, but topping the original video would prove to be more challenging. The band brought in artist Todd Mcfarlane to direct, who had previously animated Pearl Jam's incredible 'Do the Evolution' video. The video turned out better too, suck it Genesis.

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    'Down with the Sickness'

    While it was their claim to fame and arguably their biggest hit, we like a few of their other tracks better. This is still one of the best Disturbed songs and deserves a place on the list. At the turn of the century, there was nobody else that sounded like this.

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    This was the first single from 'The Sickness' and it introduced Disturbed to the masses. While it was not as successful as the follow-up single 'Down with the Sickness', it brought national attention to the then up and coming nu-metal band. This is just a fun song and represents the first time we heard Draiman's trademark "spitfire vocal" attack.

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    'The Infection'

    This song has it all and shows the band's versatility, which is seldom heard in their radio singles. Dan Donegan's awesome layered guitar intro flows seemless into the more staccato verse riff which is countered perfectly by Draiman's melodic vocals. This is easily the best song on the latest Disturbed album.

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    High octane riffage of this caliber is usually tough to sing to and not sound weak. Draiman does a great job of finding the perfect delivery to compliment the guitar in this one. This is another example of a great high energy hard rock tune.

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    The record 'Believe' showed a different side of Disturbed that we had not seen before. Not only could they write catchy tracks with unique vocal delivery, but they could also write more melodic hard rock songs very well. Really you could swap this song with #1 and we wouldn't mind; both are great songs.

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    Another one from the band's second album, and everything said of the previous song is true of this one as well. A kick ass hard rock song with great riffs, melodic vocals, and a much more mature sounding Disturbed. This is the type of music we would like to hear the band do more of in the future, and that is why we have crowned it Disturbed's best song.