Prompted by an incident where I saw a woman challenge another woman holding a baby to a fight, I asked our Facebook friends what the "Flint-est" thing they've seen lately was. As usual, the results were hilarious and depressing all at once -- see the highlights/lowlights here.

I didn't feel great about referring to that type of behavior as "Flint-y," but that's the perception of our city to outsiders... and it's because of stupid, classless acts like the aforementioned baby fight. Is that how I define Flint? No, but that's the reality of our reputation. Sometimes, you just have to laugh about this stuff and say, "Hey, Flint Happens." Well... that or go crazy.

If you ever have any pics of "Flint Happening" be sure to send them to us with the hashtag #FlintHappens via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or just email them to us. Without further ado -- here are the highlights from our Facebook thread last night:

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