It's hard to believe that the Boston hard-rockers Godsmack have been dominating radio airwaves for over a decade now. Over the years the band's sound has evolved greatly, yet they still employ a straight forward approach to song writing. Check out our list of their 10 best songs here.

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    'Running Blind'

    There are many similarities between Godsmack and Alice in Chains: The haunting vocals, the sun logo, heavy guitars, hell even the name 'Godsmack' was taken from an AIC tune. Godsmack didn't let that stop them from going all 'Jar of Flies' on their acoustic EP 'The Other Side'. This Chains-esque track was one of the singles and really did show another side of Godsmack.

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    'Cryin' Like A Bitch'

    This huge single from the band's latest album 'The Oracle' was the second huge hit in a row for the band and was easily one of the most requested songs of the year. The best part of this battle track is that it was aimed at Motley Crue over a dust-up the two bands had while touring together.

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    'Whiskey Hangover'

    This giant hit that preceded 'Cryin' Like a Bitch' was actually released to support their stint on the Crue Fest 2 tour. I bet that after the great time they had on the tour they wished they had released a crappy tune instead. This was another on that drew in a ton of requests here at the Banana, probably because many Flint residents identify with the subject matter.

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    Probably the weirdest title of a song involving sex since the Red Hot Chili Peppers' 'Blood Sugar Sex Magik'. This one could have easily been adopted by sadomasochists as a theme song. All weirdness aside; this song from 'The Oracle' has a cool riff and an extra weird piano-tinged outro (so I guess not all weirdness aside).

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    This track with it's tribal beats and creepy vocal melodies at the time was reminiscent of the band's break-out hit 'Voodoo', but now would be more comparable to Sully's solo album 'Avalon'. Apparently the guy has a thing for spooky music that is best enjoyed by candlelight.

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    'Bad Religion'

    Whether they're telling you 'I Stand Alone', 'Keep Away', or aggressively saying "Get Back" at the beginning of this song; Godsmack always seems to come off a tad bit anti-social in their songs. Regardless of their social ineptitude, Godsmack still knows how to kick some ass; as they do on this killer track from their self titled debut album.

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    This one comes from the band's sophomore effort of the same name. I love the vocal delivery from Sully, it almost sounds as if he's talking crap directly at you. For some reason I can always hear Keith David's voice (or is it David Keith?) in my head and get the urge to join the Navy when I listen to this one.

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    'Shine Down'

    Alice in Chains has a song called 'Godsmack', Godsmack has a song called 'Shine Down', Shinedown has a song get the idea; rock can be confusing some times. Hopefully you don't get a headache trying to figure all that out before you get to this awesome track from 'IV'. The harmonica intro/solo isn't something you usually hear in hard rock, but Godsmack makes it work. That combined with heavy riffs and Sully's aggressive vocals in the verse make this one of my favorite Godsmack songs.

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    'Voodoo' was the fourth single from the self titled debut and ended up being the one that most people remember the band by. This song proved to be the archetype for later track like 'Serenity' and Sully's solo disc 'Avalon'. It was one of the first times melodic vocals, tribal drums, and hard rock sensibilities were all in one song and not only made sense together, but made a great song.

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    'Keep Away'

    This song is the perfect representation of what Godsmack is all about: dropped D guitars, anti-social lyrics, powerful drums, basically just straight ahead no nonsense hard rock. If Godsmack's music were a drink, it would be scotch on the rocks. This song would be made with the most expensive and oldest bottle of said hooch.