I know I'm not the only person who spends a little too much time looking at videos on the internet. I have even found myself having to log off of my devices when I realize it's just too much. Luckily for me though, it's part of my job to find cool stuff to share with you, so it's easy for me to justify it. These are a few of my favorite internet gems from this year.

I care less about politics than I do about sports (which says a lot) so this has nothing to do with the fact that this dude is a controversial candidate for the presidency. However, that controversial candidate for hair of his getting messed up by a "bald" eagle is hysterical, and the way he tried to fix it almost took me to an early grave. Cause of death: laughter.

I am a fan of all of the Sock Puppet Parody songs, but this one is hands down my favorite. I HATE the feeling of my sock sliding down in my shoe. Is there no elastic anymore? Priceless.

I don't always love cover songs, but when I do, it's usually this dude singing them. His name is Anthony Vincent, and he can imitate so many different artists. This one is in the style of Disturbed, covering a song by Taylor Swift that I hated...until I heard his version.

I often times miss the days of DJing in a bar, because you have a different vibe. Playing music for a room full of humans that you can see, is the total opposite of playing music for anyone in our listening area and online in a room all by yourself. At the end of the night to get people to calm down and leave, my best troll move would be to play Michael Bolton, classical lullabies, opera, or Barney songs to let people know that the party was over. I wish I had thought of this though.

I think this video is funny to me because it's poop, and poop is always hilarious. Always. Unless it was me. If this happened to me, I'd probably die again. Cause of death: humiliation from public pooping.

The guidelines on what makes a video viral aren't very clear, so I don't know the exact qualifications. However, this video was hands down my favorite video to go crazy and it was produced locally. Not only was it produced by friends of mine and my manfriend Dan, I got to be a part of it with behind the scenes stuff. Even if not, I would have to admit that this is a very clever parody collection. For months these songs stuck in my head, and I now like the Home Depot version of "Let It Go" better than the Frozen version.

These are just a few of my favorite videos from this year. Thanks internet, for helping me waste away my life. Aww hell, at least I get paid for it.