During the dog days of summer you need a great place to cool off. I live on a lake so I can just walk out my backdoor, I mean front door, Timbalina reminded me of that the last time out on the boat. If you not lucky like me, take a look at my other favorite places to cool off.

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    Lake Ponemah

    Lake PonemahI have been on Lake Ponemah on many occasions and have always had a blast.  But since I do not live on this particular lake I figured I should talk to someone that does, that person being Machine Shop owner Kevin Zink.Kevin has lived on Lake Ponemah for about five years.  Kevin said LP has more of a “backwoods” feel and has plenty of great fishing areas too.  I asked Kevin what his favorite things to do on the lake are and he said, quote:“Underwater Basket weaving”Just kidding.  He did not say that, bet I bet he does.Actually he and his family enjoy paddle boarding on the channels, taking late night pontoon rides and late night swims.If it is the party scene is what you crave, Lake Ponemah has that too! Kevin said the sand bar on LP is where people come to hang and party.  I have been to this spot myself and it is a riot.  It is where the Shiawassee River enters the lake and close to the public access.From the looks of these pictures Kevin’s boat and Lake Ponemah seem like super places to keep cool this summer.

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    Lake Fenton

    I live on Lake Fenton and love it.  The only thing that blows is I do not know how to drive our pontoon boat, so I have to rely on my Tony to cart me and my hooker friends around the lake.

    Like Lake Ponemah, Lake Fenton also has a public access.

    Sailing, Fishing and swimming you can do it all on Lake Fenton.

    As far as the party spot, just head down to the south end of the lake and you will find the point.

    Don’t have a boat to drop in?  No worries, Lake Fenton has a public beach right behind the Fenton Township Hall on Mantawauka Drive (just off of North Long Lake Rd.)

    Hope to see you on the lake!

    Courtesy of Maggie
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    Silver Lake Beach

    Silver Lake Beach is the largest park in Fenton featuring an awesome  beach with lifeguards on duty.

    There are tables for picnics and pavilions for larger events.

    The park also features playground activities for kids and a concession stand.

    I have been to this beach many times.  As a matter of fact the hill is so comfortable to lie out on, you may just fall asleep like my Dad did.   He rolled right down the damn thing and into the water.  It is funny now, but not when I was a kid.  Hello, embarrassing!

    There is a fee and the beach is open from now until Labor Day.

    Flickr, Kasia
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    Apartment Swimming Pools

    Most apartments feature a community pool. If you live there awesome, dive in!

    If you don’t, dive in anyway.

    I have lived in plenty of apartments and while I would be at the pool there was always someone who would come up to the gate with towels, a cooler, a radio and say “Hey, I forgot my key. Will you let me in?”

    What would I do? I let them in.

    Did I ask for ID or an apartment number? Nope.

    I am telling you, it will work!

    If you are nervous just head on over to Fox Hill Glenn’s and ask for Chris. He will be your swim buddy. Chris can actually smoke under water; you have to see it to believe it!

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    Tony LaBrie's Pool

    I have been over to LaBrie’s countless times.  However, I have never jumped in the pool.  I was not about to slap on a bikini with all the hot bitches that float in their pool.

    Nonetheless, many people have enjoyed Pool LaBrie.  Including Pop Evil, Janus, Tantric and Shamans Harvest.

    Moonlight swims happen a lot after a Machine Shop show.

    If you don’t have a suit it’s cool.  A lot of times it is optional.

    A sure way to get an invite to Pool LaBrie is through shots.  When you see Tony out and about be sure to buy him a shot or two and you are as good as doing the backstroke!

    Cannon Ball Bitches!

    Courtesy of Museum LaBrie
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    Flint Bonus

    The Flint River

    Are you the type of person that complains about the heat constantly?  You just can’t take it anymore?

    Then might I suggest a dip in the Flint River?

    If you make it back up to the surface alive you will have plenty to complain about other than the heat, like:

    1. Your third eye
    2. Your missing penis
    3. Fingers that fell off
    4. Burned skin
    5. Your new smell

    Happy Fourth of July!

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