Everyone remembers the final brutal minutes of the Michigan vs. Appalachian State game from 2007.  It was at that point that fans (or at least all Michigan fans) began to shout that these non-conference games need to go away. And from the look of things these games will soon be gone.

According to Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez, “The nonconference schedule in our league is ridiculous,” Alvarez said on WIBA-AM. “It’s not very appealing…So we’ve made an agreement that our future games will all be Division I schools. It will not be FCS schools.”

I couldn’t agree more. Cause seriously, who wants to see Oklahoma beat the crap out of Central Arkansas, or The Fighting Camels of Campbell get creamed by Cal. Not that I’m anymore of a fan of Maryland and Rutgers joining the Big Ten, but at least the schedule will now consist of an all conference schedule.

[Source: Yardbarker]