The Black Keys won a 2010 MTV Video Music Award for 'Tighten Up' that mistakenly said Black Eyed Peas on the trophy. The band recently trashed the cable network and the multi-platinum pop group regarding the incident.

Dan Auerbach, frontman of the alt-rock duo The Black Keys, recently spoke with GQ about the typo on their Video Music Award for 'Breakthrough Video' they received last September:

"I was just like, Wow. A channel that's never respected us or played us to f--- us like that? [laughs] I mean, MTV is kind of a joke now anyway — what's more funny than that? We figured that we should get proper ones made with our names on it, because in 20 years, nobody's going to know who the Black Eyed Peas are. We'd have this stupid award with Black Eyed Peas on it and nobody's going to get the joke."

The band is currently doing press for their upcoming album 'El Camino' and will also release their single 'Lonely Boy' along w/ B-side 'Run Right Back' on 12-inch vinyl as a part of Record Store Day's "Back to Black" Friday on November 25th.