Volbeat have held stood tall in The Cockfight this week with 'A Warrior's Call'. Maybe because their new single is exactly the type of track you'd want to hear going in to a fight, maybe because they're an awesome band, maybe both. They narrowly defeated Rev Theory's 'The Fire' last night and will once again face off against the funnest element to play with, as challengers Black Tide bring 'That Fire' to the ring. Two bands enter, one band leaves, decide which one walks out alive right here.

  • 'That Fire'

    Black Tide

    Black Tide are hoping that fire can get the job done tonight. Even though 'The Fire' didn't they're hoping a switch of the pronoun will help the metal youngsters from Miami be the youngest Cockfight champions in the history of the damn thing. They may not be old enough to drink, but we don't I.D. at The Cockfight. The band's second album, 'Post Mortem', will hit stores August 23rd. You can see how well they hold up to Danish rockers Volbeat tonight at 9p.

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  • 'A Warrior's Call'


    If this were an actual fight, there is no doubt that the Denmark native four piece would totally beat the s--- out of those teenagers in Black Tide. That's not how it goes down though, you let your music do the fighting for you 'round here. Will Volbeat be able to put out the fire for a second consecutive night? If so we're going to put 'A Warrior's Call' against 'Sleep Now in the Fire' and 'Firestarter', Drew Barrymore will be there as well as that dude that played The Human Torch. Enough fire jokes, listen to the songs...place your votes.

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