Get out your hair gel, girlfriend's make-up, and black leather outfit -- Black Veil Brides are back with the latest video from 'Set the World on Fire' -- 'Rebel Love Song".

The third single from Black Veil Brides current album is a tale of rebellion and love, as is documented by the narrative in the video below which features fighting, tattoos, and plenty of driving. The band is currently on touring overseas, but will return for a brief run through the Western half of the country in November (click here for dates).

The band also revealed that they will be releasing an EP in early 2012 and then head to the studio to record a new album. Vocalist Andy Biersack also explained to Artisan News why they are already looking forward, despite having just released 'Set the World on Fire' in June:

"We're gonna be putting out an EP, hopefully around the first of the year — just a couple of songs and some stuff that we've been toying around with, some tracks from the last record that didn't make it to the [last] record, kind of revamping some stuff. We just wanna keep putting out material for all our fans."