It's been a long road getting Blink-182 to their sixth studio album and follow up to the smash 2003 self-titled offering. Now fans can get a taste of what Blink sounds like these days as the first new song from the upcoming release 'Neighborhoods' named 'Up All Night' hits radio and internet.

Though they gained mainstream popularity in the very late 90's, Blink-182 joins a list of  many formerly defunct/recently reunited bands from that era: Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, No Doubt, Alice in Chains, Bush (kinda), etc. The band reconciled their differences in a hospital of all places, when Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge visited drummer Travis Barker after he barely survived a plane crash in September of 2008. Several months later the band appeared onstage together for the first time since 2004 at the 51st Grammy Awards, officially jump starting the reunion.

Blink has been at work on the latest studio album for over a year now and even canceled a European tour so they could finish the project by the label mandated due date of July 31st. The new song 'Up All Night', which I'm guessing is not named after the lovable 1990's USA network television program, is from the forthcoming Blink-182 album 'Neighborhoods' which hits stores September 27th.