Blink-182 has been working on the follow up to their most critically acclaimed record (2003's self titled outing) for over a year now. The fans aren't the only ones getting restless, their record label has set a deadline for the band to finish the upcoming sixth album by July 31st.

Rolling Stone reports that Travis Barker is saying they will "use every single day" to complete the next album. According to singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge:

"We thought we were closing in on the end, and literally a week ago we pumped out a whole set of stuff that I think will be some of the best on the album. Recording is never really finished. You slide or limp into home base."

In response to the new deadline from the label, the band was forced to cancel their upcoming UK tour. Many UK fans are upset because a new string of US shows were announced (in a video you can see below) for the weeks following the now canceled UK shows.

For a while it looked like Blink was never gonna record again, they all have multiple side projects to occupy their time.  Now that fans are lucky enough to have them working to make the best new material they can, I think the label should get off of their ass. Soundgarden

is in a similar situation; back together after a number of years and recording a new record. The difference is that Soundgarden doesn't have a label climbing on their back. They have also expressed a number of times that they are taking their time to make the album exactly how they want it, something that labels and deadlines never allowed them to do previously. I would like to hear new Blink or Soundgarden as much as the next guy, what I don't want is a mediocre set of songs that suffered because they were rushed.

Blink will be performing live along with My Chemical Romance and Matt and Kim at DTE on (the ten year anniversary of) 9/11.