FIR skated past The Black Keys quite easily last night, tonight we'll see how they fare against Blink-182. It's The Cockfight, one single wins and lives another day, the other one goes in the trash -- you decide which is which by placing your votes here.

  • 'After Midnight'


    Blink is back with their new album 'Neighborhoods.' The first single didn't really take off, but we're going to see how their cover of the Eric Clapton tune...whats that? It's not a cover? Oh, either way it's their second single and it's here to represent.

  • 'I'm Not A Vampire'

    Falling in Reverse

    Falling in Reverse probably would've benefit from changing the title to 'I Am A Vampire' with all the 'Twilight' fans running around these days. But it doesn't matter because they're kicking some major ass without hitching their boat to the sparkling fancy-boy vampire gravy train. I don't know if that made sense but the band is looking for their third win and The Schwartz is strong with them, let The Cockfighting begin!