Dead bodies are hard to get rid of.  That is of course unless you just throw it out, which is what seems to have  happened in a Genesee County landfill.

I guess if you've got a dead body to get rid of, a landscape is as a good of a place as any.  Montrose Township police are investigating the discovery of a male corpse, found in Brent Run landfill.

The body was found by a landfill employee this past Friday, and as of now, the corpse has yet to be identified.

Montrose Police Sgt. Jamie Cochran told The Flint Journal that the body may be from Canada, as Canadian trash companies regularly use the Brent Run landfill as a dump point.  Canadian police have been notified and are working on identifying the man.

The body is being examined at Hurley Medical Center and according to Cochran, the body had been deceased for a while.