Sundays are made for football, beer, hanging out and ... strippers? Well if you're tailgating at a Detroit Lions game you could hang with strippers -- that was until the City of Detroit is shutting down the mobile strip club know as Booty Lounge. This was all happening right under officials noses in the Eastern Market in Detroit before Lions games.

Frankly, that is the perfect place to put a mobile strip club, right smack dab in the middle of grown men throwing the football around, drinking beer, cooking some hotdogs on the grill and hanging out with their 8-year-old son or daughter. Actually, if there were no kids around that woud be awesome.

According to the Detroit Free Press, city officials and some patrons were unaware of what was going on inside the Booty Lounge bus. Channel 4 WDIV in Detroit did an investigative report sending one of their producers undercover on the bus -- video below.

This is a perfect idea to make some dough -- and make the process of tailgating more interesting other than throwing around a football or playing cornhole. Too bad there are laws in place to protect the innocent -- and non-perverts alike. Damn the man; save the Booty Lounge!