To celebrate their first Stanley Cup in 39 years, the Boston Bruins had a quiet little get together. Nothing out of the ordinary: snacks, girls...a 156 thousand dollar bar tab! Check out their awesome bill from the party.

I heard Vancouver had their own party after the Stanley Cup finals ended, but that didn't sound anywhere near as fun as the Bruins' bash at Shrine Nightclub in Connecticut Saturday. These dudes obviously know how to throw down! In case you don't feel like scrolling through the check; here is the breakdown:

  • $9683 in Liquor
  • $744 in beer
  • $113,654 in wine/champagne
  • about $25,000 gratuity

I still can't believe that a hockey team only spent $744 on beer, I guess when you're on top you drink champagne and wine though. The big ticket item was the 30 liter bottle of Midas champagne that costs $100k/bottle. That one really made the guy who bought the 35 Jager bombs ($525) seem like a cheap ass.

Every member of the team signed the gigantic bottle of champagne and it is on display at The Foxwoods Casino ( the nightclub is in the casino), it will be raffled off eventually and the proceeds will go to the Bruins' foundation. Screw the bottle, I want a copy of that bar tab! Epic alcoholism at it's best, well done Bruins!