Oops, they did it again! BP has once again spilled crude oil into a body of water, but this time it was in Lake Michigan. If we learned anything from their Gulf spill of 2010, it's that BP will make sure this never happens again. Wait a minute...

According to the Chicago Tribune, BP has admittedly spilled crude oil from their Whiting, Indiana refinery into the waters of Lake Michigan around 4:30p yesterday (March 25th). They are not saying how much as of yet, but they are claiming that the spill has been contained. An agent from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) confirmed that the leak was plugged by 9p, which was when he arrived for an inspection.

The EPA also claim there will be no negative effects on Lake Michigan, which provides drinking water for 7 million residents in and near Chicago. Apparently the colder conditions aided in the cleanup efforts by causing the oil to harden, thus making it easier to collect.

But you should absolutely not worry about this. British Petroleum is a company that stands by their word. After their disastrous 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, they promised that they would do everything it takes to clean up the mess and that they were "Committed to the Gulf." Go ahead and Google-check that -- the Gulf is in better shape than it was before the spill! Lake Michigan will be better than ever now that BP is committed to them too. Wait, italics is the official "sarcasm font," right?

The truth is that we let this happen all the time and it will keep on happening as long as we let it. When bad things like a bank going under or an man-made environmental disaster happen, everyone is far too quick to forgive and forget. I too fall into that category, but not with BP. I've bought gas there one time since the 2010 spill and that's because it was during a long road trip to Wisconsin where the only other option was running out of gas.

Seeing the horrors caused by that spill was enough for me to stop giving them my money. Even right after the spill, I was amazed to see all their gas pumps occupied by vehicles... and there would be a half empty station with a lower price per gallon across the street! I get that some people just don't care, but if you had a housekeeper that was negligent and burned your house to the ground -- you'd likely fire them. Even if you're the forgiving type, you would certainly fire that housekeeper for setting your next home ablaze. If you wouldn't, there's a word for that --  it's "sucker."

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