The rivalry between Michigan and Michigan State football is more intense than ever, especially when you consider the recent success of Sparty and the fact that the all-time record belongs to the Wolverines.  Brady Hoke is well aware of both facts and he recently spoke out about the rivalry.

It wasn't long ago that Mark Dantonio spoke out about how the Spartans were not threatened by the Wolverines, and now, Brady Hoke has addressed the rivalry.

The Michigan head coach was speaking in front of a group of 500 high school football players from the state and was very frank about the four years of consecutive losses against Michigan State.  Hoke told the players,

We play an in-state rivalry game against Michigan State, and they have beat our ass for the last four years, there's no other way to put that. It's been an ass-kicking. Just being honest with you. Pardon me about my language, but it's true.

For Michigan fans, it's good to see Hoke show some passion, and to see him being aggressive about getting talent from in state into Ann Arbor.  Hoke recognizes how important the Paul Bunyan Trophy is and how if he wants Michigan to bring Little Brother down a peg, he needs to get fired up about it.  Hoke also went on to speak about the Ohio State and Notre Dame rivalries.

For Spartan fans, it's good to see the truth.  Sparty has been running wild on the Wolverines, and reminding hundreds of the state's top high school football players of that might now be the best idea.  Plus, it's pretty easy bulletin board material for Dantonio and his staff.

Michigan State meets Michigan in Ann Arbor this year for the Paul Bunyan Trophy on Saturday, October 20th.  The Wolverines lead the series over the Spartans at 67-32-5.