Brandon Inge gets a lot of hate, and while I'm not as anti-Inge as most Tigers fans, the dude has turned into a joke.  Check out this spoof of South Park's 'Jackin' It In San Diego'  featuring every0ne's least favorite Tiger.

If you didn't see the South Park with the "Jackin It" song, you should check it out at  It's basically making fun of the dude behind Kony 2012 and how he went insane and started masturbating in the streets of San DiegoBrandon Inge has had his struggles this year, as his batting average is less than his weight.  For whatever reason, Detroit skipper, Jim Leyland, stands behind Inge,  insisting that the Tigers struggles are not on  him.  And he's probably right, as the Tigers have struggled to start the season as hot as people expected, when it comes to bats, defense, and pitching.