Try not to barf. A brother and sister are blaming a movie for their incestuous affair. Yes ladies and gentleman, the reason these siblings had sex three times is because of 'The Notebook'. Ugh.

Effingham County Jail

Officers in Georgia were looking for a reported prowler when they spotted Christopher Buckner (yes, she is named Christopher), 20, and her brother Tim Savoy, 25, walking down a road. Apparently the two were questioned, and Savoy said he was walking Christopher back to her house.

How in the hell it was determined that the pair just had sex is beyond me. Nonetheless, it came out that they had just had sex in a tractor trailer, which was parked at a church! Christ, talk about good detective work!

The super familiar with each other family members were arrested and charged with incest, aggravated sodomy and prowling. I hear a lot of people blame the bad things they do on the devil, could Ryan Gosling be the devil?

Remember this story the next time your girlfriend wants you to watch 'The Notebook'. She will be changing her mind real quick! You are welcome.