This story is head and shoulders above the stupid meter.

Two brothers in Wisconsin were arrested for fighting over shampoo.

What the hell kind of shampoo is worth fighting for?

The Sheboygan Press is reporting that Jonathon Pippert entered his brother Jared's bedroom and took a bottle of shampoo while Jared was in bed.

It all went down hill from there.

It is unclear who notified authorities but they were called with a disturbance report.

When cops arrived, the two brothers were in the front yard with bruises and scrapes on their bodies.

My guess is the shampoo was some kind of detox shampoo.

The two clowns are now facing disorderly conduct charges.

Jonathon (32) is facing two years due to priors and Jared (27) is facing up to 90 days in jail.

It is clear that Jared (far left) has the better hair.  Maybe that is why his brother wanted this apparently very special shampoo?

Then I thought maybe boys put a particular part of their body into a shampoo bottle while in the shower, so I asked Tony LaBrie if guys do this?

LaBrie said, quote:


I asked Tree and his response was, quote:

"Hell no, that would hurt."

For my third opinion I went to ask Chrissy Monroe.

Unfortunately Chris had gone home to take a shower.