Normally brown recluse spiders are native to southern states but recently they were found in a garage in Davison.

According to Wikipedia, this spider comes with a necrotic venom and is one of two spiders (the other being the black widow) with medically significant venom in North America. Their bite, like various other recluse bites, sometimes requires medical attention.

The spiders were found in an unheated detached garage and there was no history of anything being stored in there from areas located within the native range of the brown recluse.

These scary looking suckers have also been found in Ann Arbor and Tecumseh.

I'm not a huge sissy when it comes to spiders but if I stumbled upon one of these, I might freak out just a bit.

When I was a kid I was bitten by some kind of spider, the doctor said it was a Michigan brown spider but I still don't really know what that is or if it's just nickname for a different Michigan spider. I definitely needed medical attention as it left a nasty hole in my neck which bled like crazy. I still have a scar from it 30 plus years later.

Source: WNEM, MSU Extension and Wikipedia