Bubba O'Malley's is one of the longer lasting bars in the area. The Banana has done many events and live broadcasts there throughout the years. As of March 1st, it is now Elwood's Restaurant & Pub. Don't worry too much thought, some parts of Bubba's still remain. 

Over the years I have worked at Bubba's for a number of different things. I was the DJ there years ago and recently was the host for trivia. Over the last few weeks I have been in there a few times to check out the progress.

Even though the name has changed, you will still get the same feel when you head up to the bar for a drink, which is now "Bubba O's." They have also added a few new walls and have given the place a more "restaurant" atmosphere.

If you haven't been in there in awhile, stop by and check it out. You'll find some new and old menu items on the list to try out. Trust me, I've known some of the chefs for years, you won't be disappointed.