Formed on January 16, 2012, "BulletProof" is a Hard Rock band that was formed from many previous bands. Ryan Ryngaert, and Joe Rubino, we're part of "The Arrow Of Paris", a side project formed after the break-up of "DownFall". DownFall was their last band with David, until "BulletProof". In March 2012, BulletProof recorded their first single "Forget", at Metro 37 Studios. One month later, they returned to record two more songs, "Dead Inside", and "Shot Heard Around The World". On March 28, Vince Rubino became the new bass player, moving Ryan to rhythm guitar. One day later, David was removed from the band, due to personal reasons. The band consist of four musicians now, and they continue to write and play music. The latest song, "Adrenaline", was recorded at Wall Of Sound Studio in Wales, MI.

In the process of writing new material and re-recording "Forget", and scheduling shows thru September. Josh Coates was brought in as a full-time singer, and is featured on the new single, 'Walk Away'. On November 18th, BulletProof entered the studio to record another song. The release date is unknown, but is likely for to be released in late December.

BulletProof - 'Walk Away'