Most of us have seen Burger King commercials where "The King" would be in someone's front lawn or even in someone's bedroom.  Hell, if he is going to be lurking around he might as well have some food for you with him!

Burger King is currently testing delivery services in Maryland and Virginia. Sixteen BK's  in those markets are now offering delivery.  I love how they can figure out a delivery service, but you still can't get a Whopper before 10:30am.  It is Burger King, not Croissant Breakfast Sandwich King. 

In order to have anything delivered from the King, you have to place an $8 to $10 dollar order and pay a two dollar delivery fee according to CNN.  If you are worried about your food getting soggy, apparently you shouldn't.  Burger King has different packaging for delivered food.

Just what we need, another way to be fatter and lazier.  Thanks BK!

Would you take advantage of this service if it was offered in your area?