I remember being blown away when a teacher friend of mine told me they had to buy their own classroom supplies because that was not included in the schools budget. This woman enlisted the help of the community, instead. 

I can't say that I blame her. I mean, it's common knowledge that teachers don't make a ton of money, and to expect them to go into their own pockets for resources to teach the communities children seems ridiculous. Asking parents to pay for supplies that their children will only get to use for a year and that the teacher keeps is also ridiculous. I don't understand how there is never enough money in school systems to pay for anything anymore, but that's a whole different discussion, I think. Either way, Atherton elementary school teacher Jamie West found a way to make it work for everyone, and she has been quite successful in her approach. WNEM TV 5 has posted a link to her latest crowdfunding project to help get books for all of her students.