The video for Bush's first single, 'The Sound of Winter', features Gavin Rossdale strolling along the beach singing along with the tune -- that would make more sense had he named it 'The Sound of Summer'.

Gavin Rossdale and the new lineup of Bush will unleash their new material on the public September 13th. Hopefully more planning was put into the songwriting than went into this video, which seems like it was shot on a whim.

The first verse has the camera leading a lip-synching Rossdale down a beach -- which is probably meant to signify 'The Sea of Memories' as oppose to 'The Sound of Winter'. After which the director mixes in some artsy color effect with shots of the beach and the band recording/rehearsing the song. The 3 and a half minute affair seems to be a series of random un-connected shots -- but hey, who watches videos these days anyhow.

Video aside -- the new song from Bush shows promise that their name could once again be synonymous with good music (as oppose to horrible president). 'The Sea of Memories' is the first album released under the moniker of Bush since 2001's 'Golden State'. That album proved to be the end of that version of the band, will 'The Sea of Memories' be the new beginning? Guess we'll find out next week.