Resurrected post-grungers Bush have released the third offering from their upcoming album 'The Sea of Memories'. Will they be able to reclaim the level of popularity they enjoyed in the mid 90's? Probably not, but they may end up becoming a viable mid-level rock band once again. We have their latest track 'The Sound of Winter', listen and judge for yourself.

Bush split shortly after the release and lukewarm reception of their fourth album, 2001's 'Golden State'. The split started with the departure of guitarist Nigel Pulsford, and ended when Atlantic Records lost interest in supporting the band not even a year later. After a couple of other Gavin Rossdale projects, including the short lived band Institute and a solo album, Gavin decided to give Bush another go.

Still without Pulsford and now missing original bassist Dave Parsons, Rossdale re-formed Bush and began recording in 2010. After releasing the single 'Afterlife' and announcing the new album would be out in October of 2010, the project went silent. It was briefly expected in February 2011 as well, and then recently announced for a September 13th release. The album originally titled 'Everything, Always, Now' was also switched to 'The Sea of Memories'.

The first song released (this year) 'All My Life' had a Rossdale solo meets Bush vibe. This is most likely because his guitarist, Chris Traynor, also played on all Gavin's projects post-Bush and served as Pulsford's replacement on tour in 2002.

The new track 'The Sound of Winter' sounds very Bush, in fact, the vocal delivery is almost a direct rip-off of 'A Tendency to Start Fires' from 1996's 'Razorblade Suitcase'. All in all it's a pretty good tune, but it's gonna take a lot more than that for the band to re-establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with.