In a recent survey, Detroit ranked at the bottom in a ton of by city categories like Cleanest, Smartest, Friendliest and more. On the upside, it did get voted the "Least Hipster" city.

National sites have been thrashing Detroit and Flint at every turn for about the past 15 years. As if living in an even more economically depressed area than the rest of the country wasn't enough, these dicks act like it's their job to remind us just how s---y things are where we live. The thing is, none of us see it that way.

Thanks to sweet pro-tourism stories like these, Detroit and Flint are seen in a completely unjust and negative light by the rest of the country. This didn't help "The D" fare very well in Business Insiders' new survey-fueled article titled "Here's How Americans Stereotyped 16 Big Cities Around The Country."

The article says that of all 16 cities included, Detroit took home all of the following honors:

  • Dirtiest
  • Least Fashionable
  • Least Hipster
  • Worst Food
  • Least Intelligent
  • Worst Personal Hygiene
  • Least Friendly
  • Least Attractive Women
  • Easiest City for Men and Women to Get Laid (or "Sluttiest City," basically)

Even though they were just reporting results of a survey conducted by real estate company Movoto, I certainly hope Business Insider isn't planning any "business inside" of Detroit anytime soon. Unless, of course, they want an ass kicking... or to get some strange from a mean, ugly, dirty, dumb slut that wears tacky clothes. Just kidding. But seriously, f--- Business Insider and Movoto.


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