Is it time to move out of your old mobile home and into something bigger and better? Of course not, you want a new mobile home. Introducing Robert Lee, he owns Cullman Liquidation in the wonderful state of Alabama -- he wants to see you a used mobile homes. Wait! There's more after the jump.

Robert Lee sells mobile homes, he's going to tell you like it is: "These are mobile homes, not mantions -- they come in two pieces. If that's what you're looking for that's what I got," says Lee, "they're used -- some have stains, we cover them up."

I'm guess this guy will go out of his way to make sure your happy with your new/used mobile home. Just look at his staff -- an old lady decorator, a younger chick as his salesperson -- who by the way may burn your mobile home down with her cigarettes, and let's not over look his motley crew of movers.

If you can only trust one person -- it's Robert Lee from Cullman Liquidation -- your new/used mobile home will be flying in on the next tornado!