Sure I have been called the "C- word" by Chris Monroe, but fortunately I have not been physically affected by the big "C", cancer.  I cannot even imagine.

Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch's recent battle with cancer certainly turned his world upside down.  But the band says that change won't necessarily turn up in their music. Mike Diamond says:

"Serious illness does frame fart jokes differently.  But at the same time, more than ever, we want to enjoy ourselves and make people happy.

The Beastie Boys are planning to release "Hot Sauce Committee, Pt. 2" in the spring.  Diamond also says that the band is working on "Pt.1" with new tracks, and hopes it will arrive shortly after "Pt.2" hits stores.

I am looking forward to checking out new music from the Beastie Boys and admire the fact that they could keep their sense of humor through something so difficult.

Oh yeah,  suck it Chris for calling me the "C word".