There are more exciting things happening on the small screen in 2012 than in theaters. One of those exciting events being the return of drunken author and ladies' man Hank Moody in season 5 of Showtime's hilariously raunchy 'Californictaion.'

#5. 'Californication' Season 5

David Duchovny, Natasha McElhone, Evan Handler

Most Showtime subscribers are die hard 'Dexter' fans. While I may have missed the boat on that series and grew tired of the repetitive formula of 'Weeds,' I have remained a fan of one of the network's shows -- 'Californication.' The show follows the exploits of Hank Moody, an author (played by the spot-on David Duchovny) whose love for booze and women is only trumped by his love for his daughter Becca (Madeline Martin) and estranged ex Karen (Natascha McElhone). The show has an unnatural ability to keep you rooting for Hank despite how badly he continually f---s things up.

Season 4 of 'Californication' got pretty messy for all involved parties -- Hank stood trial for unknowingly having sex with a 16-year old (of which he was convicted by the finale) while failing to repair the damage the knowledge of that event caused within his family. Meanwhile Hank's best friend and manager Charlie Runkle (Evan Handler) impregnated his soon-to-be ex-wife Marcie (Pamela Adlon), who is now dating one of his business associates. It will be interesting to see how creator Tom Kapinos can make some good come out of all the darkness created last season.

The timeline jumps ahead three years from the season 4 finale, with Hank returning to California (and a married Karen) after spending much of the show's downtime in New York. Much like season 2 where Moody was brought into the world of rock and roll (a natural fit) when he accepted a gig penning a famous rock producer's biography, season 5 will bring Hank into the world of hip-hop when he is drafted by a rapper named Samurai Apocalypse (played by RZA) to write a screenplay -- Hi-jinks ensue. The season 5 premiere airs January 8th at 10:30p ET on Showtime.