It may seem strange to hear that camel milk is supposed to be the next super food here in America. It might shock you even more when we tell you there are already farms in Michigan that sell camel’s milk straight from the tittie tap.

Many people only associate camels with deserts, Arabs and cigarettes and have never once considered the possibility that these hump-backed beasts can be milked, much less provide a breasty beverage vastly superior to commercial cow’s milk.

Now, while the thought of consuming a white, liquidly substance from the underside of a large filthy creature might be a bit more provocatively unnerving than slurping 2% from a cartoon branded with the image of a chocolate cow, you should know that drinking camel’s milk is better for your health.

Reports indicate that camel’s milk contains higher levels of potassium, iron, copper, manganese, sodium and zinc than other milk. It also contains more protein and vitamins C, A and B2, and it can be purchased for around $18 a pint in the United States.

“Several farms owning collections of breeding camels are adopting camel milking programs in the states of Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania, with new milking programs set to open in Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. The camel population in the U.S. is estimated at 5,000,” according to USA Today.

So, where in the hell can you get camel milk in Michigan? Try right here.