When a little boy first gets potty trained they dream of being like their dad and being able to stand while peeing -- but not if you're Canadian! A reporter for the Vancouver Sun was recently visiting a Vancouver area restaurant and noticed something peculiar in the restroom -- the 'no peeing while standing' sticker above the toilets.According to the Vancouver Sun, while their reporter -- Chad Skelton -- and wife were dining at the Edible Canada eatery on Granville Island in Vancouver, Canada, Skelton visited the restroom noticing that the restroom was a gender-neutral, shared place to relieve yourself.

Being a shared-sex bathroom wasn't the strangest thing Skelton noticed -- it was the sign of a stick figure urinating in the toilet with a line through him (photo above) -- it seemed this restaurant has banned men from standing and peeing.

Not to bash our neighbors from above, are they really that big of wusses that they have to sit down to pee? Maybe this joint is owned by a bunch of feminists who wants total equality between men and women, meaning everyone must sit!

Not according to the owner of the Edible Canada -- Eric Patemen -- Patemen states that he saw the sticker in another restaurant and thought it was a good joke. Patemen bought the stickers and placed them above all the toilets in the bathroom.

OK, we'll give the Canadians this one -- they pulled the wool over our eyes and made a funny. Who thought the country best know for nothingness and snow had a sense of humor! Touche!