Get some cardboard, build a boat and get ready for some fun on the water with the cardboard boat race which hits Lake Nepessing next Saturday (July 19th).

If we've learned anything from our two years of doing the Cardboard Classic Sled Race, it's that building stuff out of cardboard is fun. Lapeer is getting their own cardboard-built race next Saturday, only with a summer twist. Instead of building a sled, you actually have to build a boat that won't sink! Granted it's a little bit more intensive to build a sea-worthy vessel, but the challenge of it makes the build that much more fun and the race that much more satisfying.

Check-in will start Saturday at the Lake Inn in Lapeer around 12:30p, but you should definitely sign up first and get your starter kit, which includes cardboard AND duct tape (two things you'll need plenty of). If you are interested in entering, click here or the box below to sign up!

Contestants will be competing for cash prizes in the categories of speed and originality and each boat will get to attempts at the course. Entry is only $15 a team and with a limit of 50 teams, you had better get registered ASAP!

(and yes, that is a picture from the Cardboard Classic crudely pasted on a lake.)